Experience excitement and a surge in adrenaline riding the longest ziplines in Mauritius and explore the amazing beauty of the natural reserve as you fly like birds from the tree tops.

Discover waterfalls and the canyons from the above. Choose from a variety of different zip lines packages which will allow you to see unique and different landscapes. Enjoy a breathtaking view of the south coast.

First, you’ll travel in a pickup truck to the launching spot of your preferred zip line package. You’ll meet your guide who will do a briefing and then you’ll be provided with all the necessary zip line equipment for the activity.



Longest Line (500 meter)
  • The 500m zip line is perfect for your first experience in zip lining
  • Children weighing as from 35kg can go for the activity all alone
  • The zip line last for about 30 seconds to one minute
  • Briefing before going for the activity
  • Equipments are of highest safety standards

Extreme Full Set (1.6km)
  • A full set zip line composed of seven different zip lines, 500mt, 320mt, 290mt, 240mt, 180mt and two extreme waterfall ziplines
  • Zip lines are located at different points, thus enabling you to have a cloud's perspective of the nature park
  • See the beautiful landscape and the 23 coloured earths from a bird's eye view
  • No need for previous experience in zip lining as briefing will be provided before undertaking the activity
  • Equipments comply with the highest safety standards

Super Longest (1.5km)
  • Be prepared to experience full adrenaline and full excitement
  • Fly like a bird with the super longest Zip Line 1.5 km long
  • See the amazing panoramic view of the south coast of Mauritius
  • You'll be briefed before undertaking the activity
  • Equipments adhered to highest safety standards
  • Can be done in two positions, either in sitting position or lying position

Extreme Super Full Set (3.1km)
  • Seven zip line package,composed of the 1.5 km long zip line, the 320mt, 290mt, 240mt, 180mt and the two extreme waterfall ziplines.
  • Zip line with a total length of 3.1km
  • Located at different points in the nature park
  • See the breathtaking south coast of Mauritius, attractions and the 23 coloured earth from a bird's eye view
  • No previous experience in zip lining required
  • You'll be briefed before going for the activity and note that equipments are of highest safety standards

Other Info

  • 500 meters zip line excursion: 15 minutes
  • Super Longest zip line excursion: 30 minutes

Weight Limitation
  • Super Longest Zip line (1.5km): Max 130 Kg (sitting) & Max 80 Kg (superman)

Physical and mental condition
  • Must be physically and mentally capable to perform this activity

How it works?

How to book
  1. Fill out the booking form on this page with your specific details and we will email you you within one hour with a personalized quote
  2. You can then review the quote and adjust the itinerary to best match your exact requirements
  3. Confirm your booking by replying back to receive a booking confirmation by email
  4. On the day of tour or activity, your driver will pick you up at your accommodation as specified in your booking
  5. Payment can be made in two ways:
    • On the day of the tour directly to the driver
    • Online via our website by Visa or MasterCard credit card
    • Online via PayPal (in USD only)

  • Our reservation team will be able to answer any question you may have
  • We can fully customize your trips

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